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Maddie Peep
Maddie woke to an eyeful of a bright lantern focused to shine in her eyes. 

"GAH!  Turn that OFF!"  

Trying to move her hand to block the light coming into her eyes she came to a quick realization when her hand only moved from its position a few inches and then stopped to the sound of clinking chains.  A large metal cuff was around her wrist, holding it in its place near its mate behind the back of the chair she was in.  

"State your name..."

"Maddie Williamina Peep."

"Your FULL name."

"That IS my full name."

"Maddie?  That is your first FULL GIVEN name?"


"Do you have any aliases?"


"Ah, so you have a full first name."

"No.  My given first name is Maddie.  I gave myself the alternative 'Madeline' because sometimes its hard for people to take you seriously when you're name ends in 'ie'."


"I'm serious.  You should meet my folks, the sick people who thought it was 'cute' to name their kids pet girl names.  If I'd had a fourth sister she might have been named 'Cookie' or something..."

There was an awkward pause,

"So.  Any particular reason you have my hands chained to a chair, debating my full name?"

"You're related to the Peeps of Little Lamb Villiage, aren't you?"

"Last I checked."

"And Wilford Peep, is that correct?"

"WHAT does that have to do with anything?"

"Just answer the question."

"Yes.  I am one of seven grandchildren."

"Did you hire the services of one Martin Coleman?"


"A Hunter, Martin Coleman.  Tall, portly.  Ring a bell?"

"Oh, the Huntsman.  Yes, I hired him to track someone."

"Did he find his target?"

"Well, he was trying."

"Any particular reason he didn't succeed?"


"Let me try again.  Are you aware of what happened to Martin Coleman."

"Yes.  He was killed."

"Broken neck.  Good clean blow."

"If you know this WHY are you..."

"Do you know who killed Martin Coleman?"

"Yes, I do.  Unfortunately."

"Care to explain?"

"Not alot TO explain.  The campsire was invaded by a wolf.  He tried to get the drop on her, she caught him and broke his neck."

"Nice story."

"Wasn't nice at the time.  Still isn't, really."

"Wolves are a great cover, aren't they Miss. Peep?  Just blame it on a wolf and all is forgiven.  The whole incident becomes a joke..."  He leaned in close.  "I'm not laughing, Miss. Peep."

"...are you saying you think I did it?!"

"Ooooh, you graduated top of your class, didn't you?"

"I'm telling you the truth!"

"I highly doubt that. Why would a wolf simply break someone's neck?  No entry wounds, no bite, no struggle..."

"Because she was trying to make a point!  Who do you think we were hunting?!"  She made no mention of Wrede... she didn't know which police this guy came from and depending on the location he could be for or against Wolves.

"Oh was she?"

"Yes!  Did you see the footprints from when she kidnapped someone!?"

"I saw nothing of the kind."

"Oh, I get it.  You can do enough detective work to tell he's died of a broken neck but not that anything else happened?"

"I'm not a detective..."

"You're not?"


"A Hunter?"

"Should have been... but no."


"I'm just an interested party."

"Well, 'Interested Party', the courts would never side with you on this... you have nothing on me."

"They might... if we were going through any legal system."


He smiled a predatory smile.  "I'll be your host, your judge, your jury and your executioner."

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His laughter echoed through the empty space she occupied, making it hard to understand where exactly it was coming from.  Maddie stood in near darkness, a very low light causing everything to look gray, a mist blocking out any view past a foot in front of her.  The color didn't matter at the moment, it was the laughter that mattered.  She knew that laughter.  She had heard it before, it would never fade from her memory.  

It was Blue.  

The laughter was getting louder now, and although she couldn't tell the direction Maddie knew it was getting closer.  He was getting closer. 

"Maddie the Chaste put in her place..." the voice mockingly said in a hear singsong tune, accompanied by yet another chuckle.  "How appropriate.  I was wondering when you'd show your true colors."

Maddie was turning now, looking for him, the voice so loud now that she was sure he would appear from the mist at any moment.  "True Colors?"

"Yeah, that famous Peep reputation... you could play the saint for me... but we both knew you'd give in to temptation sooner or later."  The voice continued to mock her.  "How did it feel to become tainted?"

"I'm not tainted." Maddie growled out.  "I didn't..."

"You did... Took a Wolf to trick you into bed... If I'd have known I would have put on a tail years ago."

Maddie started breathing heavy.  "Thats enough..."

"Not even close."  The voice was over her shoulder now, a breath on her ear as it whispered.  "He used you... played along with your game and then got what he wanted..."

"It wasn't like that!" Maddie yelled angrily, turning quickly to look at Blue but still there was nothing but the gray.  "He... He loved me!"

"Sure he did."  The voice said from over her shoulder again.  "Bet he loved every inch of you..."

Maddie turned quickly again, gasping.  "It wasn't like that!  It was special.  It meant something to me..."  She wiped away a tear.  

His voice came from behind her again, this time a pair of arms came from the mist and wrapped around her middle, holding onto her tight, so close she couldn't turn enough to see him there.  "I'm bet it did..." he whispered, his grip growing tighter.  "Maybe you'll let me show you something special now that he's 'broken the ice'.  I'll make you melt, Maddie..."

"LET ME GO!" she screamed, fighting against the hands now, trying to turn and twist out of his arms but the arms held tight, moving with her like a second skin.  Next she knew she was sitting up from the ground, throwing her blanket off of her, gasping, covered in sweat, cold tears sliding down the side of her face. 

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